"Bridging the Gap"

National Curriculum and watersports

Sailing Kayaking and windsurfing cover many areas of the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

  1. Maths - Angles, compasses and buoyancy
  2. Science - Tides sun and the moon
  3. English - Instruction manual, journal, a story and history of the English language
  4. Geography - Tidal estuaries, weather

Sailing, kayaking and windsurfing engage children in key areas of PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) including building personal identities, improving communication and learning to form good relationships, as well as covering a variety of cross-curricular learning areas.

Many aspects of physical education are covered. Sailing and windsurfing help develop physical strength, flexibility, control, balance and spatial awareness.

Download the Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education coursework guidelines booklet.

Did you know?

The word POSH lurks from inside the last couple of centuries of Britain's history, but where exactly is uncertain; Yet the most popular story comes from the days of the Raj in India. It was a time when wealthy Brits would sail to India so they could enjoy a holiday in an exotic part of the empire.

On the boat journey out, the most comfortable berths were on the left-hand side, or port, as they would be in the shade and a little cooler. Therefore, the right, or starboard, rooms were best for the return journey.

So if holidaymakers were discussing an upcoming trip, all they would have to remember for the voyage was: 'Port out, starboard home', or posh.